The design of the
                                                                     sticker showing the text 'software was a mistake' embedded in
                                                                     obfuscated javascript code

The software that powers our world is often buggy, overcomplicated and generally broken. Each week you can read an article about a car, train or bridge that failed due to a software bug and each day you probably personally encounter multiple systems where you have to find a workaround to perform the task you actually want. These and similar frustrating flaws of our current software environment would almost make you think it was a mistake to start developing software in the first place.

That's why we decided to print these fancy stickers. They help us air these daily frustrations in a (hopefully somewhat) healthy way by sticking them on stuff. And of course the fact that they look incredibly cool is an amazing bonus.

You can find the design for the stickers here. If you'd like to get some for you and your friends, please send us an email.


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